Credits per Function

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Function API Endpoint Credits Per Page
Convert PDF to Text Searchable PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/makesearchable 5
Add Text and Images to PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/edit/add 3
Remove pages from PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/edit/delete-pages 2
Replace text in PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/edit/replace-text 3
Replace text with image in a PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/edit/replace-text-with-image 11
Delete text in PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/edit/delete-text 3
Add E-Signature and Text To PDF (GET) https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/sign 5
Add E-Signature and Text To PDF (POST) https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/sign 5
Generate Barcode https://api.pdf.co/v1/barcode/generate 2
Read Barcodes From URL or file https://api.pdf.co/v1/barcode/read/from/url 5
Convert XLS and XLSX to PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/xls/convert/to/pdf 3
Convert CSV to PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/from/csv 3
Convert Doc, DocX, RTF, TXT, XPS to PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/from/doc 3
Convert HTML to PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/from/html 3
Convert Image to PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/from/image 3
URL to PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/from/url 3
Check Status of Background Job https://api.pdf.co/v1/job/check 1
Document Parser: extract data using template https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/documentparser 6
Invoice Parser https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/invoiceparser 5
Merge PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/merge 3
Optimize PDF File Size https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/optimize 5
Split PDF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/split 3
Read PDF Information https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/info 2
Text search inside PDF and Images https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/find 5
Convert PDF to CSV https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/csv 4
Convert PDF to HTML https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/html 3
Convert PDF to JSON https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/json 4
Convert PDF to TEXT https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/text 3
Convert PDF to XLS https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/xls 5
Convert PDF to XLSX https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/xlsx 4
Convert PDF to XML https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/xml 5
Render PDF to JPG https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/jpg 4
Render PDF to PNG https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/png 4
Render PDF to TIFF https://api.pdf.co/v1/pdf/convert/to/tiff 4
Convert URL to JPG (make screenshot of website) https://api.pdf.co/v1/url/convert/to/jpg 3
Convert URL to PNG (make screenshot of website) https://api.pdf.co/v1/url/convert/to/png 3
Convert XLS/XLSX to CSV https://api.pdf.co/v1/xls/convert/to/csv 3
Convert XLS/XLSX to HMTL https://api.pdf.co/v1/xls/convert/to/html 3
Convert XLS/XLSX to JSON https://api.pdf.co/v1/xls/convert/to/json 3
Convert XLS/XLSX to TXT https://api.pdf.co/v1/xls/convert/to/txt 4
Convert XLS/XLSX to XML https://api.pdf.co/v1/xls/convert/to/xml 4
Generate file upload URL (API only) https://api.pdf.co/v1/file/upload/get-presigned-url 1
Upload File from URL https://api.pdf.co/v1/file/upload/url 3
Upload File https://api.pdf.co/v1/file/upload/url 3
Upload File From Base 64 https://api.pdf.co/v1/file/upload/base64 3
Get MD5 Hash Of File by URL https://api.pdf.co/v1/file/hash 1
Delete an uploaded file by url https://api.pdf.co/v1/file/delete 1
Extract attachments from .MSG or .EML file https://api.pdf.co/v1/email/extract-attachments 5
Extract data from .MSG or .EML file https://api.pdf.co/v1/email/decode 5